Tuesday, September 21, 2010

XPRemap 2.0

A new update to the remapping plugin for XBox 360's is released.

Dash Launch 2.xx (Obviously requires patched 9199 or 12611 kernel)

This latest update adds the following features:
-Prioritize deadzones
-Rapid fire
-Analog inverts

See "read_this_textfile.txt" for more info.

Grab it from xbins. (or here).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The pre-compiled XEX included in the bundle is for 12611! To make it work with 9199, re-compile the source with KE_9199 preprocessor symbol.

Friday, July 16, 2010

XPRemap 1.0

This is actually a project started by [cOz]. The original goal was to allow user calibration of analog deadzones. What I did with his work was to expand it and add per player specific button remapping.

Pretty straight forward to use. Read the read_this_textfile.txt for instructions.

Find the files here: Download ([cOz] put up a copy in xbins, so feel free to grab it from there as well)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

XPowerPlay 0.2a

Well, I created this blog so I can release this small plug-in that I wrote to make game cheats possible on a hacked Xbox 360. The project is code-named "XPowerPlay". This plug-in (DLL, actually) will help in writing trainers easier and simpler. All you actually need to create is the DLL loader(see my sample), and you can pretty much use the XPP DLL for any games -provided you are supplying the DLL with correct title ID's and cheat files.

Here are some of the videos I created demonstrating the plug-in:

You can find their respective cheatfiles in the package below.

Find the files here: Download

See readme.txt for more details.

Remember, this is a "DLL", not an executable. You'll need to write your loader to use it. This DLL requires: DashLaunch 1.0 by [cOz], and freeBOOT 0.032.

Thanks to [cOz], Icekiller and crew.

PS: I can't say much about the next plans, but I can make sure that you will appreciate it. Just stay tuned for it! And before you ask me, how I find the addresses/values for the cheats, all I can answer is... stay tuned!