Tuesday, June 8, 2010

XPowerPlay 0.2a

Well, I created this blog so I can release this small plug-in that I wrote to make game cheats possible on a hacked Xbox 360. The project is code-named "XPowerPlay". This plug-in (DLL, actually) will help in writing trainers easier and simpler. All you actually need to create is the DLL loader(see my sample), and you can pretty much use the XPP DLL for any games -provided you are supplying the DLL with correct title ID's and cheat files.

Here are some of the videos I created demonstrating the plug-in:

You can find their respective cheatfiles in the package below.

Find the files here: Download

See readme.txt for more details.

Remember, this is a "DLL", not an executable. You'll need to write your loader to use it. This DLL requires: DashLaunch 1.0 by [cOz], and freeBOOT 0.032.

Thanks to [cOz], Icekiller and crew.

PS: I can't say much about the next plans, but I can make sure that you will appreciate it. Just stay tuned for it! And before you ask me, how I find the addresses/values for the cheats, all I can answer is... stay tuned!


  1. Nice job. Cant wait o see whats coming next

  2. can i know how to install and used it?how to enable when playing game?

  3. Great stuff :)

    On a side note, any chance you could use a different video hosting service? Photobucket sucks pretty bad for video, in the UK at least.

  4. @Foong:

    It's not intended for end-users. It's actually a framework for developers so you'll have to compile the sample project in order to use it.


    I will be moving the videos to Youtube now since Photobucket has limited number of views. Sorry about that.

  5. can i know when have the end-users version ??can this xppdll can use for all game?how i can get the cheat code??

  6. What is the point of this?
    Without any way to search for codes this is completely and unequivocally useless.
    Its been almost a month now with nothing. Did someone die?
    This is an amazing technical achievement, but only when it is completed. This application right now has little use and the lack of updates on the blog makes it seem as though it may never get any use.
    We can compile 2 trainers with fixed cheats as provided. Big deal.
    When do we get the ability to find the addresses/values for the cheats so more trainers can be built?
    Is this project still active or has it been abandoned?

  7. @Blahman:

    Many different things are happening in the scene. The Xbox 360 console is more complicated than what you think.

    And as I mentioned before, this project is a "framework". It's not entirely a stand-alone application/plugin. It simply leverages writing code for trainers. That's it. No more no less. It is complete as I have defined for this project's goals and objectives.

    No one promised anything so don't keep hopes too high. But no, I am not yet done with this project. I also do not see any reason to make a blog posting unless it is relevant. Posting a news/update/progress report displays promise, and I don't want to promise anything unless I can deliver.

  8. See your original post; P.S. section....

  9. It would be awesome to have an .xex that can be ran, then choose game to run with applied options. THEN, a "Code finding .xex" could be made. For code developers, before finally having a site to house these codes (PAL, NTSC, etc).

  10. @Ray:

    Stay tuned means just keep checking in case I get something new. It does not mean I am promising anything. It also helps me get less of questions of how and when. Again, as I have mentioned, the Xbox 360 memory is not as simple as dumping it all and getting the value. Parts of it are protected, parts of it are encrypted.

    There may be other people working on the same stuff and they maybe able to figure out how to overcome these problems. But until then, I really hope everyone will be patient. As I mentioned, the scene is still in progress of maturing so it's a little early to expect this and that.

  11. @the2000
    Thanks for the update, I mean't no offense. I have no programming skills and have IMMENSE respect for the work you and others do. Exciting times for x360 though:-)

  12. Everyone is still waiting, we all know you have something, share it....

  13. hi the2000

    are there any status updates?
    no eta, or similar. i heard the rumor you are trying to block live from it...everybody is thirsty for some new info, give us a bone ;)
    just an update if this is still alive or not :)

  14. Now that XPRemap went to 2.0 - are there any plans to continue XPowerPlay since I thought this would be a REALLY REALLY promising application. I'd be really looking forward to seeing a version whcih would allow users to search for codes on their own - if you like support, I'd also happily help (I was mostly working on the Wii side with USB Geckos admittedly and also developed code search applications there - Gecko dotNet or WiiRd for example - seeing a code creation tool for the X360 would thrill me!).

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  16. hi the2000,

    I am trying to make a stand alone plugin from xpowerplay, using the same method cOz use in "Disc Swapper" (by hooking XamLaunchTitle from xam.xex).
    I would like to make a single xex (with xpowerplay and xesearch function), wich loads a per titleId configuration from ini file.
    To achieve thisgoal, i wonder if you agreed to share source code of xpp project.


  17. Hi, i use xpowerplay for different games and came accross different games which use "dynamic memory allocation" which require pointers for them to make cheats. i want to know when are you adding pointer feature to xpowerplay as its one of the most important feature for any cheat plugin.

    Kindly inform me if you can. thanks
    and Thanks again for the great plugin